The New Red Carpet Nicole Kidman

The Aussie beauty had quite a run of wearing only Chanel Haute Couture—no doubt some contract stipulation, as she was the face of Chanel No. 5 at the time—so she always looked pretty and safe. Kidman tends to go for the big-name designers and a tight-fitting, wan-colored sparkler. So, how about she skips all the name-dropping and amps up the volume (literally) with a crazy-lady confection like this Christian Siriano red tulle explosion? Sure, sitting will be difficult, but she has a built-in dress handler in that hubby of hers, so our hope for Kidman is that she really lives it up. Besides, when you’re nominated for such a heavy role as the mother of the deceased child in Rabbit Hole, a light-hearted gown like this would do wonders to lift the mood.