The California Cure The D Factor: Dr. Soram Khalsa

Soram Khalsa is on a mission to get Americans to up their levels of Vitamin D. Why? To protect them against a myriad of illnesses, including cancers, heart disease and diabetes. He even had a patient from his who’s-who-studded medical practice in Beverly Hills hand deliver a copy of his book, The Vitamin D Revolution, to Michelle Obama. “In the front, I wrote, ‘Vitamin D can help the country’s health-care crisis. Please contact me if you are interested’ and included my phone number. I haven’t heard from her yet, but...”

Known simply as “Dr. Soram,” this staff member at Cedars-Sinai for the past 30 years has been molding alternative therapies with mainstream Western medicine—long before it was fashionable. The son of a “nice Jewish family” in Cincinnati, Ohio, who always wanted to be a doctor, Soram suffered chronic fatigue syndrome when he was a medical student in the early ’70s. When traditional medicine failed to find the source of his ailment, he started to look for ways to get well.

“I took vitamins, became a vegetarian, and then I went to a yoga class—and I felt different,” says Soram, whose search for more yoga took him to California, and eventually led him to convert to Sikhism.

What Soram deals with so effectively is the “walking wounded,” who fall between disease and optimal health. “What they forgot to teach us in med school is about the gray zone in the middle...people who aren’t sick but don’t feel good in so many ways—with fatigue, headaches, digestive problems that are unattended. Organs are not yet sick, diseased or damaged but are weakened, run down, stressed or toxic,” says Soram. “In this gray zone, we are always making progress. I don’t ever get tired of looking for what’s working and what’s helping people.” —Samantha Dunn