Tom Quinn’s Rebuttal to Dan Neil


Dan Neil doesn't hide the fact that he's a critic, so we can all assume he has never risked his own capital to better humanity. He has cheapened the Pulitzer by not bothering to visit E-Fuel's Paso Robles plant to fact check himself before spewing his pedantic rhetoric.

He never took the time to interview any of the hundreds of people who took the E-Fuel training class—college science professors, high school science teachers, dealers, distributors, businesspeople and consumers who have become a part of the MicroFueler movement.

Fermenting alcohol out of various plants is not rocket science, it has been done before biblical times. Obviously, Dan didn’t even bother to speak with any of the experts we provided concerning cellulosic ethanol processing and vehicle conversion systems.

Dan spews the typical oil-company party line on vehicle compatibility with ethanol, yet it is indisputable that all vehicles manufactured since 1990 are ethanol compliant per federal mandate, and conversion kits are available to allow use of high-ethanol blends that have been proven in tens of thousands of installations worldwide.

Engine and fuel-system damage mentioned by Dan is a myth propagated by special interests. The cold-climate concern he brings up has been solved many times over with simple solutions that also improve vehicle performance and fuel economy. Dan, why can’t you mention the benefits when using ethanol, or is that not the purview of a Critic?

MicroFueler is one of the few alternative-energy products that actually provides a return on investment. Has anyone ever earned his money back from solar, wind generators or hybrid vehicles? One MicroFueler can produce more than 14,000 gallons of fuel annually.

The math is simple: Most E-Fuel dealers undercut the corner gas station by at least $1 per gallon, which means that the MicroFueler's cost of $12,995 (Dan can’t even get the cost right—plus, qualified business users may take advantage of a 50 percent tax credit) can provide a return within months. Again, where can you find a better alternative-energy product value than that?

And what's with the condemnation of Silicon Valley and entrepreneurs? Bold, new, disruptive technologies come from there, and we offer no excuses for our contributions to a better world because of entrepreneurs stepping up to the plate. Novell certainly made your job easier by pioneering the Local Area Network. And was the motion controller I patented a "nutty" idea? And excuse the American dream of getting rich—what could you possibly be advocating? A banal society with no creativity ?

Overall, Dan, it's not too late to be on the right side of history. We'll extend to you an invitation to visit our Paso Robles plant, just three hours off 101 from L.A. A free tank of E-Fuel100 awaits. And be sure to bring your leaves and old newspapers!

Thank you,

Thomas J. Quinn
Chairman & CEO