June 2012

Editor’s Letter—
June 2012

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  • Kobe Bryant  05.10
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  • Gordon Ramsay  08.12

“If music be the food of love, play on.” Why reinvent the wheel (or aphorism) when you have Shakespeare? Keeping the Bard’s sentiment in mind, get ready for a feast. In “Lady Liberty,” written by Reed Johnson and photographed by Matt Jones, we get a good idea of why Esperanza Spalding is not just the future of jazz but the forerunner of a musical genre that doesn’t even have a name yet.

Local world-music masters Tom Schnabel and Jordan Peimer share with writer Steve Hochman precisely why Los Angeles is the crossroads of the genre. And in “I Sing the Body Electric,” Margaret Wappler plugs into the future-shock world of Hatsune Miku, Japan’s holographic pop princess.

On July 6, Savages—the film version of Don Winslow’s sly, sinister, sexy thriller, directed by Oliver Stone and starring cover subject Blake Lively—will be unleashed. If you haven’t read the book, brace yourself for her character, O. In “Savage Beauty,” photographed by Matt Jones, writer Leslie Gornstein catches up with the actress to talk about the role.

Not quite three years ago, when I became the editor of this magazine, I wrote that there was no way to write about change without relying on cliché. So here goes—again: There is nothing as certain as change. This will be the last issue of LA, the Los Angeles Times Magazine.

Regardless of pride being one of the seven deadly sins, I feel a great deal of it in what we have wrought in that time. Just take a gander at our gallery of covers—some we’ve done, some we’d have liked to do and some that just won’t come to pass.

I am the one who’s had the privilege of writing this note every month, but in doing so, I stood on the shoulders of giants. The total of the magazine exceeded the sum of its parts because of the team that labored to create it: Rip Georges, Helene Goldsen, Mayer Rus, Hansen Smith, Hannah Harte, Raha Lewis, Jonathan Brown, Cary Georges, Bailey Shiffler, Maidel Margulies, Hayley Atkin, Brandon Palas, Kim Pollock and Michael Darling. We engaged readers with masterful writers such as Megan Abbott, Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, Leslie Gornstein, Denise Hamilton, Annie Jacobsen, Reed John-son, Jennifer Kaufman, Karen Mack, T. Jefferson Parker and Robin Sayers. Our look was informed by the genius of photographer Ruven Afanador, our sensibility defined by illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme.

Others whose work made us shine: photographers Bartholomew Cooke, Brian Leatart, Henry Leutwyler, Peter Lindbergh, Andrew Macpherson, Kurt Markus, Peden+Munk, Jörgen Ringstrand, Mark Segal, Mario Sorrenti, Sølve Sundsbø; illustrators Mats Gustafsson, Nola Lopez, Sean Phillips and puzzler Merl Reagle. There has been a lot to savor in LA. Goodbye.  —NANCIE CLARE, Editor