March 2012

Editor’s Letter—March 2012

This is a first—at least for me. Lily Collins, our cover subject, once wrote for this magazine. And she’d have written more if I had my way, but becoming a movie star seems to have distracted her from journalism for now. In “Spellbound,” Collins tells Leslie Gornstein she’s committed to both pursuits and not afraid to make her ambitions known in each arena.

I have another story about Collins, one I think is very revealing as to the type of person she is. About two years ago, I was invited to a fancy party, rife with boldface names. I went alone and didn’t know a single soul—until Lily arrived. The then 20-year-old made sure I was introduced to everybody she knew (and that was just about everyone) and left me chatting amiably with Quincy Jones. She is a living, breathing antidote to social anxiety.

Who isn’t primed for a change in the weather...or a change in their wardrobe? With Six Flags Magic Mountain as the backdrop, stylist Hayley Atkin and photographer Cass Bird take on spring hues and patterns with colorful abandon in “Ticket to Ride.” One look, and you’ll want to take the plunge as well.

Also this month, in Q + LA, Eric Estrin sits down with Lucy Liu, who is wrapping up her season on TNT’s Southland. Liu talks about the enigmatic role, how she creates works of art and the sources of her inner strength. Then, if ever there was a soothing respite from the madding crowd, it’s the West L.A. apartment depicted in “Ways of Seeing.”

Surrounded by light and infused with creation, this home is truly where the art is. There’s also a toast to inventive cocktails. In “Liquid Smoke,” we look at (and take a few sips of) the latest trend in imbibing: smoky-flavored spirits such as mezcal and single-malt scotch and recipes that imbue the actual vapors of burning leaves and wood into savory concoctions. All told, this issue is a fashionable brew. Enjoy!  —NANCIE CLARE, Editor