November 2011

Editor’s Letter—November 2011


For a guy who, within the space of a month, appears as both a literary icon (Aramis in The Three Musketeers, in theaters now) and a deity (Zeus in Immortals, opening November 11) and has five films slated for 2012, Luke Evans is a man with his feet planted quite firmly in Hollywood. In “Bolt Action,” photographed by Jörgen Ringstrand, Evans tells Leslie Gornstein, among other things, how musical theater prepared him for the journey.

After slaving over a hot stove all week at work, what do the culinary masters make when they entertain at home? In “Chef’s Table,” Jenn Garbee writes, “After all, when the surname on that invitation is Matsuhisa or Silverton, Sunday-supper expectations are magnified well beyond everyday meat-and-potatoes fare.” We have the answer to that question (and the recipes) for six of today’s best.

Los Angeles is fertile ground for dreams, some of which have been known to turn to nightmares. In “Unraveling Anne,” an adaptation of the just published memoir of her mother, Laurel Saville describes how the life of a woman who hobnobbed with the likes of artists John Altoon and Billy Al Bengston came to a tragic end.

Glamorous Hollywood didn’t live up to Weegee’s expectations. The photographer, famous for capturing New Yorkers on the worst day of their lives, often their last, is the subject of a MOCA exhibition opening November 13. In “Gimlet Eye,” Greg Cerio explains how the lensman expected to absolutely love the move. He didn’t—and therein lies his tale.

And who better than Ellen Barkin to have the last word? For this month’s “Q+LA” the Bronx-born actress talks with editor at large Robin Sayers over a three-hour lunch about her craft, her face, her body, Fox News and driving in SoCal.

From chefs to stars, everyone is dishing this month in LA. Enjoy!  —NANCIE CLARE, Editor