September 2011

Editor’s Letter—September 2011

It’s September, and the slate of Hollywood films set for release is beyond full. Prepare yourself for the ladies of “Scene Stealers,” written by Leslie Gornstein and photographed by Mark Segal. Collectively, the tally of upcoming projects from the women gracing our four covers—Jessica Chastain, Imogen Poots, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Deborah Ann Woll—is 19, so in short, you’ll be seeing a part of the future of film.

The cusp of Labor Day is a good time to adjust our thinking in the realms of style and fashion, subjects near and dear to the hearts of those who work at this magazine. Get a gander at the exquisite women’s fall footwear that kicks off (sorry, couldn’t help myself) this month’s “Image” section, and download our September iPad issue for 360-degree views of each shoe.

Also in “Image,” Booth Moore previews the Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo exhibit (above) at the Phoenix Art Museum and reminds us designers can indeed render fashion into fine art. Sant’ Angelo’s influence can still be seen in 2011 fall collections.

Azadeh Shladovsky has a story. In “Material Witness,” by Mayer Rus, she tells why she added furniture design to her flourishing interior-decorating business and about the inspirations for her pieces. And it’s not at all what you’d expect.

Back in the day, September also meant the end of summer reruns. Seeing the main titles return with their accom-pany-ing theme songs was like an invitation to catch up with friends who had been away on vacation. (Here we call it “hiatus.") Some of us remember TV shows when they were first run, while others were introduced to the old faves through cable channels, Hulu and YouTube.

In this month’s “50,” we’ve collected what we think are the greatest TV main titles for shows that aired between 1950 and 1969. (We’ll cover succeeding decades in parts two and three.) Go online, play the opening sequences and vote for number one. Oh, and tell us if we missed anything. Stylish and entertaining—that’s September in LA. Enjoy!  —NANCIE CLARE, Editor