July 2011

Culture(d)—July 2011

edited by MAYER RUS


OHWOW , the zeitgeist-surfing multimedia gallery and publisher, is offering a primer on the bright young things of the New York art demimonde in its summer exhibition Post 9-11. The show features a smorgasbord by nine artists—Dan Colen (top), Terence Koh, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman, Adam McEwen, Ryan McGinley (above), Aaron Young, Agathe Snow and the late Dash Snow—whose work, although divergent in style and subject, bears traces of the comrades’ intertwined personal and professional lives. It’s a fine snapshot of the currents at work on the downtown scene over the past decade. Through August 27. oh-wow.com


The Natural History Museum marks a milestone in its reinvention with the opening of its splashy Dinosaur Hall on July 16. With more than 300 fossils, interactive displays and videos, the 14,000-square-foot exhibit will fire the imagination of children and adults alike. The big payoff is all the full-body specimens, including Thomas the T. Rex and other fearsome leapin’ lizards. nhm.org.


Think you’ve seen L.A. every which way? Then take to the ultra-cushy seat of a Pedal or Not beach cruiser. Owner Barb Wittels relays local lore on tours through Santa Monica and Venice. Remember Long Wharf—the port that never was? Abbot Kinney’s muse for the Venice Canals? Kick up the heart rate with six gears, or flick your wrist for a big push, at up to 20 mph. Vroom! $59. 310-917-1111, pedalornot.net.


The John Lautner Foundation celebrates the centennial of the great master of muscular, meshugenah modernism with exhibitions, home tours, screenings and symposia in Los Angeles and Marquette, Michigan, the architect’s birthplace. The festivities kick off July 16—proclaimed John Lautner Day by the City of Los Angeles—at the L.A. County Museum of Art. Through Nov. 13. johnlautner.org.