April 2011

Editor’s Note


Tim Rutten recently wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “When it comes to the crime-based fiction that long has played such an important role in the literary life of Los Angeles, we’re living through what amounts to a golden age.” Amen to that.

In this year’s Noir issue, we were aided and abetted by some of the best in the genre. Don Winslow, whose Savages made multiple “best of 2010” lists and is set to be filmed by Oliver Stone, wrote “Sunset on Sunset,” a graphic story illustrated by Sean Phillips that is as chilling as it is spare. In “Pretty Tough,” Megan Abbott examines how women characters have moved beyond victims and femme fatales to become protagonists just as damaged as their male counterparts. Edgar Award nominee Denise Hamilton continues to sleuth the backstory of perfume in “Uncommon Scents.”

And in “Dark Passages,” Godfather of Mysteries Otto Penzler picks the 10 best lines ever uttered in film noir. Clips of those iconic scenes are part of the debut iPad edition of LA. Yep, there’s an app for us. —NANCIE CLARE, Editor