February 2011

Editor’s Letter—February 2011

Oscars isn’t just about the movies, you know In fact, the whole of awards season is Los Angeles’ perfect storm of films, celebrity, beauty...and style. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again: Oscar focuses the lens of the world right here—and judging by the images, we are not only beautiful, we’re fashionable.

For example, take a look at our cover of Mila Kunis shot by Ruven Afanador. (How could you not?) With her scene-stealing role in Black Swan, Kunis has moved far beyond the cusp.

As Leslie Gornstein points out in “Range Finder,” Kunis has arrived: on the big screen, on the short-list of top directors and on fashion’s radar, in dresses from Vera Wang to Oscar de la Renta to J. Mendel.

Our monthly edition of “Image,” the Los Angeles Times style section, weighs in on Oscar’s fashionable side in “The New Red Carpet.” We take the risk associated with a daring dress-up move and imagine—via Ann Field’s elegant illustrations—what a given ensemble might look like on six nominated actresses. It’s a flight of fancy that’s all in good fun. We also pick the perfect postshow accessory...aside from the statue, that is.

Beauty goes a long way in Hollywood. It is preserved in the works of glorious and talented women whose images are captured for all time in the movies they made. In “The 50 Most Beautiful Women in Film,” überstylist Freddie Leiba, working with assistant art director Cary Georges, did just that: picked the medium’s all-time stunners. And because we know everyone has an opinion, we’d like yours, so take our exclusive online poll.

It’s impossible not to notice Oscar’s long-distance romance with England—specifically England of the past. In “Rule Britannia!” Gina McIntyre poses the question of “why” to some of the Brits who make and star in the costume dramas the Academy so often awards. Hail, hail the conquering heroes—especially those who wear hoop skirts and breeches.

As we go to press, Academy Awards nominations have just been announced. One thing’s for sure: No matter who gets the ultimate nod from Uncle Oscar, the sights and sounds of his celebration will be ringing loud and clear for his neighbors—right here in L.A.