June 2010

The Style List—June 2010

by Robin Sayers

attic, style list ERIC RAY DAVIDSON


The inspiration behind Trapped in the Attic’s She Brings the Rain handmade leather capelet is, fabulously, all over the map. “It’s named after a Can song,” says designer Caiti Hawkins, citing the West German Krautrock group. To sum up its vibe, she heads to England: “It’s Sgt. Pepper gone goth.” Ultimately, Hawkins circles back to her native Cali. “It reminds me of falling water,” says the Topanga dweller. “This is something someone could wear out to the desert to do a rain dance for L.A.” (Perhaps Scotchgard, though, in case your dance has immediate results.) $750 by special order only, 310-951-4726, trappedintheattic.com.

attic, style list ERIC RAY DAVIDSON


WEB ADDRESS: bloquv.com. WHY IT’S WWWICKED COOL: Most apparel that boasts sun-blocking properties is, well, downright fugly, but surf here to find a sportswear collection that shields you from harmful rays while exposing your sense of style. CLICK TO FIND: Offerings for both men and women—pants, jackets and tops, including their newest design, the Sol Eclipse longsleeve crop top in white ($56). TESTING, TESTING: The waterproof, quick-drying, supersoft fabric was submitted to rigid industry trials, and even after 40 washings and 100 hours of simulated sunlight, it still thwarted 98 percent of ultraviolet radiation. PRICE: $45–$160.

blue area, style list


THE THIEF: Blue Area’s Rolling Stones cashmere high-neck batwing tunic. WHY IT STANDS ACCUSED: Not your grandmother’s cashmere cardigan by any means, this number lets you rock the goat hair hard. COCONSPIRATORS: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and even Yoko Ono are just a few of the music icons sweaterized by Enrico Colombo. The Italian designer draws upon his own extensive collection of rock art and memorabilia when creating his wearable homages. THE FINAL ACT: “I’ve seen the Stones in concert 34 times,” says Colombo. “I’d love to die having sex while listening to ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’ Is that possible?” PRICE: $695. INTERESTED? info@jennychaseinc.com.

charlotte olympia eve, style listSOLE SEDUCTION

THE CHARMER: Charlotte Olympia Eve open ankle boot. WHY WE’RE FLOORED: Designed in London by shoe darling Charlotte Dellal and handcrafted in Italy, these five-inch-heel suede enchanters will have all eyes at a 75-degree angle. BASE INSTINCTS: Eve also comes in black but was inspired by the Garden of Eden so initially “conceived to be made in green, like ivy climbing up your feet,” says Dellal. AND WHAT ABOUT THAT TEMPTING FRUIT FROM THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL? “They look great with red toenails!” PRICE: $1,276. WHERE: Diavolina, 8741 W. 3rd St., L.A., 310-550-1341.

pyrrha, style list


AROUSING OUR DESIRE: Pyrrha’s custom seal jewelry. WHY MOTHER EARTH WILL ACCEPT ITS FRIEND REQUEST: Not only are the seals recycled (some from the 1800s!) but all of the materials are reclaimed. HOW IT WORKS: First, select a base (decide between bracelet, necklace and ring). Then choose one or more seals—there are usually about 300 varieties on hand. Vibes range from gentle (butterfly, lamb) to fierce (the half-lion, half-eagle griffin). PRICE: $95–$850; $3,190 for Multi Seal Wide Cuff (pictured). WHERE: 8315 W. 3rd St., L.A., 323-424-4807, pyrrha.com.


PREVIEWING: The second location of Roseark jewelry boutique. STARRING: Designs by Karma el Khalil, Borgioni, K. Brunini and Daniela Villegas, as well as original artwork and one-of-a-kind fashions. PREMIERES: June 12, a date specifically chosen to be during “a new moon, because it’s about bringing in new goodness and energy—and it’s a beautiful change for us,” says cofounder Kathy Rose. HOLLYWOOD ACCOUNTING: “The space is quaint and magical, and it has the same street number—1111—as our Crescent Heights store,” says Rose. “That was a big thing for us.” WHERE: 1111 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, 310-395-6706, roseark.com

Stylist: Brandon Palas
Hair: Richard Collins/The Wall Group
Makeup: Jamie Greenberg/The Wall Group
Reporting: Raha Lewis