May 2010

Culture(d)—May 2010

edited by MAYER RUS

thomas hayes, los angeles, culturd


Thomas Hayes, the enterprising furniture sleuth and founder of Noho Modern, has reopened his Hollywood branch under his own name. The inaugural show features a typically Hayesian assortment of rare design gems and pieces by Brazilian masters Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, José Zanine Caldas and Caldas’ fetching—and fetchingly named—son Zanini de Zanine. The exhibition also includes contemporary paintings by Art Ellsworth, Jason Fitzmaurice and Grant Wiggins and a selection of work by 1960s Hard-edge artist John Barbour. Hayes’ former partner, Jeremy Petty, has retained the Noho Modern name and the space on La Cienega. 6162 Santa Monica Blvd., 323-463-4434,

the huntington library, los angeles


There’s only so much Eames a person can take. The Huntington Library pays tribute to one of America’s great unheralded craftsmen in The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs, the first major museum exhibition dedicated to the Buffalo-based designer and his delightful, idiosyncratic mash-up of Aesthetic, Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts styles. With 40 original creations to savor, design junkies are certain to flip their lids. May 22–September 6. 1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino, 626-405-2100,

blum & poe, los angeles, cultured


If you haven’t seen Carroll Dunham’s new paintings at Blum & Poe, hightail it over to Culver City for one of the best shows of the season. The works, according to B&P’s alluringly alliterative release, merge “the faceless, fleshy, pink and white nude with the lone and luscious tree.” What’s not to like? Through May 15. 2727 S. La Cienega Blvd., 310-836-2062,

Der Ring des Nibelungen, wagner, los angeles, cultured


Attention, amateur Brünnhildes and Siegfrieds—strap on your horned helmets. In honor of the L.A. Opera’s first production of Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, a festival of arts and culture is unfolding. Among the delights: Light of the Valkyries, a celebration of the aurora borealis set to the music of Wagner, at the Griffith Observatory (May 18–September 5,; Trees of Norse Myth, a look at the specimens that inspired Wagner, at Descanso Gardens (May 27–June 30,; and paintings by Ring director Achim Freyer at Ace Gallery (May 31–June 25,