December 2009

The IST List

edited by Tessa Benson / curated by Hayley Atkin

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A Gift Guide for the aficionados in your life

To avoid the trauma of last-minute shopping and the scourge of regifting, we’ve made some highly targeted selections, filled with sugar and spice, for family and friends—naughty and nice.

jessica kagan cushman, jewelry, gift list

the Astrologist

What woman doesn’t yearn for deeper meaning? Jessica Kagan Cush­man’s crystal-studded resin ezodiac constellation cuff is sure to ignite her inner moon goddess. $85,

Tangled Chain metal bracelet, burberry, jewelry, gift list

the Heavy Metalist

Once a Preppy Handbook staple, Burberry has added to its trench-coat ’tude and gone glam rock. This Tangled Chain metal bracelet proves that in the game of fashion, there are no rules. $395,

surface to air shoulder bag, Sølve Sundsbø, gift list

the Stylist

Gone are the days of the gaudy logo’d purse. Now, it’s about keeping it pretty, with these limited-edition Surface to Air shoulder bags featuring Sølve Sundsbø photographs. $210,

surface to air shoulder bag, Sølve Sundsbø, gift list

the Royalist

Venerable candlemaker Cire Trudon lives up to its royal order with vegetable-wax busts of such French luminaries as Marie Antoinette and Napoléon Bonaparte. $85–$105, Maxfield, 310-274-8800.

sartorialist, bespoke edition, book, gift list

the Anthropologist

The Sartorialist: Bespoke Edition deluxe book features images of the chicest city dwellers from both sides of the pond. A bible for those well versed in all things dépêche mode. $110.25,

ysl, corset, gift list

the Eroticist

Awaken your lady’s inner Bettie Page with a YSL buttery soft corset. The couture house’s fall/winter collection is chock-full of leather looks, and this one takes the cake. Admit it, sometimes bad girls finish first. $2,300,

Père Lachaise Coffrets fragrance, gift list

the Alchemist

Douglas Little’s limited-edition Père Lachaise Coffrets fragrance set is a paean to the past, each bottle named for a famous resident of Paris’ Père Lachaise Cemetery—Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf, to name two. $1,400, Maxfield, 310-274-8800.

Alexander McQueen, Stained Glass Square Scarf, gift list

the Androgynist

Alexander McQueen’s Stained Glass Square Scarf is the perfect pretty thing to give your sweetheart... and then steal back for yourself. $895,

balmain, red suede boots, gift list


You can leave your boots on while singing “Santa Baby” this holiday season in these red suede, silver buckled beauties by Balmain. $1,195,

Robot Les Paul Jr, gibson, guitar, gift list

the Guitarist

Gibson’s reissue of the solid mahogany 1957 Les Paul Jr. Single Cutaway in TV Yellow (color made famous by the New York Dolls) simply resonates cool. $3,527,

lego, frank lloyd wright, gift list

the Constructionist

For designers in training, LEGO releases the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection of Architecture, sure to keep fingers occupied for hours. $40–$100,

magic mouse, apple, gift list

the Technologist

Click pretty with Apple’s sleek, laser-tracking, buttonless Magic Mouse. Because it isn’t Christmas without something from the Apple Store. $69,

Nixon Master Blaster, headphones, gift list

the Audiologist

Form and function come together in perfect harmony with the superpadded Nixon Master Blaster studio-quality leather headphones. $200,

Helmut Lang Volcanic leather jacket, gift list

the Cyclist

One part androgyny, one part high fashion and all parts cool, the Helmut Lang Volcanic leather jacket is the season’s wardrobe must-have for bikers and pedestrians alike. $1,390,

Elements lantern by Georg Jensen, gift list

the Luminist

This elegant Elements lantern by Georg Jensen can hang or sit. It’s grace and illumination in one small package. $90,

Ted Mueh­ling glasses, gift list

the Surrealist

Eye’ll be seeing you with these Ted Mueh­ling hand-blown, handpainted glasses from Vienna. Sure to keep those well versed in the art of fine taste toasting all through the holidays. $251–$258,

Found My Animal waxed canvas harnesses, gift list

the Feist

Don’t overlook man’s best friend. Found My Animal waxed canvas harnesses and leashes are chic indeed, and 25 percent of profits go to the Louis Animal Foundation. $42–$76,

soft maps, emily fischer, gift list

the Adventurist

What’s homier than nuzzling up in a blanket stitched with the street grid of your own town? Soft-Maps silk-embroidered cotton quilts by Emily Fischer (left) will surely win you Best Gift. $150 and up,

Sea Wynde rum, spirits, gift list

the Spiritist

The It drink this year is Sea Wynde sipping rum. With aromas of jackfruit, Christmas pudding and toffee apple, it’s the perfect holiday libation. $40,

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Birds of Paradise ring, diamonds, jewelry, gift list

the Aviarist

Even the girl who has everything would covet Van Cleef & Arpels’ Birds of Paradise ring of diamonds and precious stones. Price on request,

The Bell clock, Sam Hecht, alarm clock, gift list

the Alarmist

The Bell clock by Sam Hecht has the punch of a classic two-bell in an unassuming pack­age. It’s the most stylish way to say, “Time to get up—NOW.” $65,

bear candle, tortoise, gift list

the Neocubist

This geometric handmade bear candle, with sparkly rhinestone eyes and a little bowtie, is so adorable you might not want to light the wick. $78,

heifer international, philanthropy, gift list

the Altruist

Pay it forward—with a cow, a flock of chicks or a water buffalo. Heifer International places working animals with families in need across the globe. $20–$5,000,

Fuji Instax Mini 7S, camera, gift list

the Shootist

Instant gratification is back. The Fuji Instax Mini 7S camera’s credit card–size snaps are sharp and clear—and they won’t show up on Facebook. $85,

Los Angeles, Portrait of a City, taschen, book, gift list

the Localist

Neighborhood pride runneth over in Los Angeles, Portrait of a City, featuring 500-plus stunning images that confirm we really are the City of Angels. $70,

Dansk’s wood pepper grinders, gift list

the Epicurist

For the foodie who appreciates sculptural beauty, the reissue of Dansk’s wood pepper grinders (styles: Rosie, Hank and Jane) will really shake up the tabletop. $50,

Playsam’s Roadster, toy car, saab, gift list

the Mini Motorist

Playsam’s Roadster—based on the first Saab—will have young Andrettis and Patricks cruising in high style. $525,

Drexler Collection Ars Antigua notecards, gift list

the Letterist

Make your words count when putting ink to paper—place them on Drexler Collection Ars Antigua notecards. $13,

Irene Neuwirth, necklaces, gift list

the Gemologist

These strands rock. Irene Neuwirth’s necklaces—in opal, lapis, amethyst and moonstone, among others—rest in delicate gold settings. They’re sure to brighten her holiday. Price on request,

Smiling Planet plates, dishware, green, gift list

the Ecologist

Teach (and feed) your children well with handpainted Smiling Planet plates—no BPA, phthalates, lead or toxic inks. And so fittingly named. $14,

glittens, Steven Alan, leather and cashmere, gift list

the Expeditionist

Stocking stuffers were never toastier and more snazzy than Steven Alan’s leather and cashmere Glittens. $128,

Stylo­phone Portable Beatbox, gift list

the Percussionist

Channel your inner mixmaster with the Stylo­phone Portable Beatbox. Scratch, loop, beat and lay voice tracks, then connect it to your iPod for playback. $30,