November 2009

Overheard—November 2009


    edited by Jod Kaftan

  • “I don’t care who my daughter marries as long as he has health insurance.”

    —Man on cell phone outside Walt Disney Concert Hall

  • “Don't bring God into your apartment problems. He has bigger things to worry about.”

    —A barfly at Del’s Saloon in West L.A.

  • “More like a marijuanologist.”

    —Reply to “I hear you’re a botanist”

  • “I need Cher to come over, slap me across the face and say, ‘Snap out of it.’”

    —Woman smoking a cigarette while on cell phone outside LACMA

  • “Don’t get the tinted lenses. You’ll look like Father Guido Sarducci.”

    —Wife to husband at Oliver Peoples in Malibu

  • “Are those cigarettes organic?”

    —Hipster to Pakistani clerk in Koreatown

  • “Give me one good reason why I’m not entitled to lose my shit.”

    —Teenager to her parents at Houston’s in Pasadena

  • “I love you. You’re amazing. I’m thinking of being you for Halloween.”

    —College student at Starbucks in Westwood

  • “I didn't know we were supposed to get excited about conductors.”

    -Woman at Hollywood Bowl for Dudamel’s opening night