October 2009

The California Cure Personal Stories


Every disease and the patient it affects has a story to tell. Here are five amazing tales of perseverance and triumph, from misdiagnosis and living with chronic illness to elusive sleep and a headache that simply won't go away.

Head Case: Paco McCauley

One morning almost two years ago, a man woke up with a headache. He still has it. Yes, chronic headache is real, and it's no fun.

Best Foot Forward: Dana Davis

A first-person look at growing up diabetic and learning not only to live with the disease but to live well.

Sweet Dreams: Fred Roberts

When he was a high-powered exec and couldn’t sleep, Roberts blamed stress. But now that he's retired, he still can't get a solid eight hours. See why.

Breast Intentions: Laura Ziskin

In addition to battling breast cancer, Ziskin fought years of misdiagnosis. In response, she created one of the biggest cancer fundraising organizations in the world.

Unsure Cure: Seth Greenland

Groping with stage-4 cancer, Big Love scribe Greenland tells of his foray into Chinatown with his new-age ex-pugilist guide in search of medical salvation.