October 2009

The California Cure Innovators


The world is on the cusp of an amazing medical revolution. Here's an overview of the game changers of the field—the men and women who are blazing new directions in dealing with age-old medical issues.

Hans Keirstead, Ph.D.

Stem-cell research at UC Irvine.

Dennis Slamon, M.D.

Development of breast cancer treatment, Herceptin.

Fouad Kandeel, M.D.

Islet transplant for treatment of diabetes.

Emeren Mayer, M.D.

The gut as a “second brain.”

Robotics at the City of Hope

Surgeons get high-tech help.

Leonard Rome, Ph.D.

Investigating cells on a nano level, specifically “vaults” to deliver drugs to affected areas.

Sue Smalley, Ph.D.

One of the founders of the Center for Mindful Awareness talks about the importance of meditation and how it can promote wellness.

Meditation Myth Busting

While simple to learn, it can be hard to do. Take the first step toward improving health and increasing well-being

Ed Phillips, M.D.

“Toga,” a less-invasive method of stapling to reduce obesity.

SickDay Comes to L.A.

The reasonably priced house-call service is a staple in New York City. We have the first report on its move west.

Tim Miller, M.D.

A former army doc, now UCLA's chief of plastic surgery, he's committed to helping veterans disfigured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stuart Siegel, M.D.

Advances in pediatric oncology.

Soram Khalsa, M.D.

The author of The Vitamin D Revolution is convinced that 90 percent of the population, even in Southern California, may be deficient in vitamin D.

Michael Phelps, M.D.

New directions in diagnostics.