October 2009

The California Cure Future of Medical Care


Take a peek at what health care will look like beyond its current crossroads: more personal responsibility; medical treatments and pharmacological therapies tailored to individual DNA; and years of looking younger longer without the help of invasive surgeries. Also, a rundown of the most recent clinical trials and what they mean to you.

Making Medicine Personal

Your DNA can both inform you and your health-care practitioner what you might be predisposed to and dictate how you are treated. This is medical care on the cellular level.
by Robin Mejia

Saving Face

Anti-aging is the holy grail for Southern Californians. Now you don’t have to go under the knife to keep that youthful visage.
by Carol Wolper

Picturing the Inside Story

Find out more about imaging modalities in wide use, how they came about, what they are used for and some of their pitfalls. For those who love to pepper their conversation with buzzwords that convey a deeper knowledge than they possess, there’s something for you, too.
by Shaun L. Samuels, M.D.

Quantum Leaps

Throughout Southern California, daring research is tackling a slew of conditions, from cancer and heart disease to diabetes and HIV. Here are some of the field's greatest hits—and what it means for you.
by Gwen Moran

Safe House

Antiperspirants can cause cancer to your teen? Caffeine will stunt your child’s growth? Juice contributes to the obesity epidemic? When it comes to your kids, it's hard to separate fact from fiction. Let an expert do it for you.
by Dr. Cara Natterson