October 2009

Overheard—September 2009


    edited by Jod Kaftan

  • “Actually, it’s intentionally distressed.”

    Reply to, “Is this piece of furniture damaged?” at Urban Home in Sherman Oaks

  • “Life is mostly about accepting change—and diseases.”

    Two yoga students waiting for class in Hollywood

  • “Don’t make me release the flying monkeys.”

    Street performer to a heckler at Venice Beach

  • “You two look like you’d be great together in bed.”

    Passerby to a couple at Cabo Cantina in West L.A.

  • “What—2012?! Why should I care about the Mayan calendar?”

    Woman getting her hair done at Christophe in Beverly Hills

  • “The voices told me to stay home and clean the guns.”

    Reply to, “Why weren’t you at the meeting yesterday?” in a downtown elevator

  • “You know, you never see vampire babies.”

    Two women sitting on a bench at Huntington Gardens

  • “I don’t like the Apple store...it’s like walking into a party and not knowing anybody!”

    Girl talking to her friend at Manhattan Village

  • “Well, I don’t just lie there!”

    Patient’s reply to the question, "Are you sexually active?" at City of Hope