August 2009

The Style List—August 2009

edited by Greg Turpan

Dyson vacuum Bartholomew Cooke

Singular Sensation

Nature adores a vacuum! (Apologies to Spinoza, the 17th-century Dutch philosopher who proclaimed the opposite.) Dyson’s newest additions to its clean team look like pieces of art inspired by science fiction and constructed with space-age technology. With digital motors that spin at 104,000 rpm—five times faster than a Formula One race car—these babies deliver a 21st-century clean. The DC22 is a go-to vacuum, equipped with a motorized brush bar and a hard-floor cleaning tool. For dust busting, the compact, handheld DC31 (debuting September 1) is a safe bet. Before you balk at the price, remember you buy a vacuum every 20 years, so these are definitely worth it! DC22, $700; DC31, $220. —A. Moret



The Laundress fabric-care line and Le Labo perfumery unite to bring you Rose 31 detergent, proving you don’t need a perfume when your clothes wear it for you. Other eco- friendly soaps include Classic Denim Wash and Cedar Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Rose 31, $45; Denim Wash, $18; Wool & Cashmere, $18. —Allison Kornberg



For environmentally conscious homeowners who decry the energy consumption of dryers, Kitchen Maid’s ceiling mounted clothes airer has jumped the pond as the solution. Because it’s mounted close to the ceiling, the stylish rack—raised and lowered by a pulley—uses the physics of warm air rising to dry clothes. $169. —Brandon Palas



There are those among us for whom sending our sheets out is a guilty indulgence. We love slipping into bed between smoothly ironed sheets and setting our tables with crisp linen. But add it up—at $50 per king-size sheet set, $25 per tablecloth, $2 per napkin—and the idea of installing a B 890 E Miele Rotary Iron becomes not just seductive but downright practical. $2,249. —BP



Steam is a stylist’s secret weapon for making clothes red-carpet ready. The Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron & Steamer is a great way to get ready for your own impeccable premiere. And it’s not just for personal finery—the iron/steamer can also put new life into wrinkled or tired- looking window treatments. $170. —AK



According to Turpan, shirts laundered at A 1 Chinese Hand Laundry and Dry Cleaners come back as good as new. This attention to detail extends to the specialty cleaning that has been the shop’s forte for 50 years. Shirts, $3.50–$9.50. 1006 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, 310-394-7413. —AK



No one’s saying dusting under the washer and dryer isn’t loathsome. But do it right with Unger’s Long Reach magic wand. The felt pads can be used damp or dry. $6. Ace Hardware, True Value and —AK


One of housekeeping’s great ironies is that washing machines get dirty. Keeping yours clean is easy if you use one of nature’s true miracles: baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice. (To avoid replicating that fifth-grade volcano science experiment, just be sure not to mix them.) Run a full cycle without clothes, using up to a cup of any of the three with hot water. Keep in mind: Your washing machine is a wet environment, so clean its filters by hand and leave the lid open after removing a load to let the tub air dry. These methods will keep your washer—and by extension, your laundry—squeaky clean. —GT