July 2009

Overheard—July 2009


    edited by Jod Kaftan

  • “But I am an emotional cripple!”

    Woman to pharmacist at Target in Culver City

  • “Don’t worry—you were only a tertiary character in my dream last night.”

    Woman to her date while sharing dessert at Sweet Lady Jane

  • “What if the hokey-pokey is what it’s all about?”

    Thirtysomething woman on cellphone outside the Long Beach Aquarium

  • “Actually, I’ve slept with women from all the Axis powers.”

    Smoker in front of the Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake

  • “It’s too late for pessimism.”

    A designer type at the Apple store in Glendale

  • “I am wearing the holy grail of jeans right now.”

    Teenage girl at Lucy Florence Cultural Center in Leimert Park Village

  • “I didn’t know your Treo was Jewish.”

    In response to a Treo alert about the time of sunset on the Sabbath

  • “Fortunately, I lost all my savings in the Reagan era.”

    Cashier at Trader Joe’s in La Cañada Flintridge

  • “I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.”

    A professor waiting to start the processional at Cal State Long Beach’s graduation