July 2009

Tastemakers 2009 Liseanne Frankfurt

by Nancie Clare / produced by Mayer Rus / portrait by Peden + Munk

Liseanne Frankfurt Frankfurt is proof that the sensibilities and skills that make for a great jewelry designer and those that make for a wonderful hostess share more common ground than you might think. Both involve an engagement with the outside world, an exquisite personal touch and a heartfelt execution appropriate in not just tumul­tuous times but all times.

She finds inspiration for her jewelry everywhere, from forms found in nature to the impact of other cultures. Her pieces are highly personal and intended as a talisman for each wearer. The people who frequent her Venice boutique, LFrank, “are looking for significance and quality— not for something trendy or mass produced.” When she opens her home to friends and family, Frankfurt assembles each occasion from scratch, getting inspiration for the menu and decorations from whatever is seasonally available—then mixes unexpected ingredients and flora to fulfill her vision. There is a certain dignity, grace and generosity of spirit in Frankfurt’s philosophy. She demonstrates that adornment and socializing are hardly superficial when they enrich everyday existence.