July 2009

Tastemakers 2009 Cash Warren

by John Ireland / produced by Mayer Rus / portrait by Peden + Munk

Cash Warren He is young (30), smart (Crossroads and Yale) and married to actress Jessica Alba. Along with his best friend and business partner, NBA star Baron Davis, Warren started Verso Entertainment, which includes ibeatyou.com, one part social networking, one part online competition, where friends can challenge friends to anything from pet tricks to karaoke. Modest as he is in person, Warren has grand aspirations: nothing short of redefining Los Angeles culture and creating new entertainment for progressive twenty and thirtysomethings. “The next cultural explosion will be fueled by homegrown talent,” he maintains. That means, essentially, that the time has come for Warren and his peers—who grew up here and remain connected through networks that cross school, cultural and geographical lines—to join up and partake of one another’s endeavors.