March 2009

Overheard—March 2009


    edited by Jod Kaftan

  • “I am so pro-knife.”

    Two women discussing their noses at Whole Foods

  • “I just had my wisdom teeth pulled—now I don’t know which teeth to turn to for advice.”

    Twentysomething on his cell at a medical plaza in Century

  • “I’m almost 40. Maybe it’s time to self-publish.”

    Customer to the cashier at Starbucks in Little Tokyo

  • “Enjoy the movie, kids—that was your college money.”

    Fortysomething dad paying for a family of six at the AMC Century City

  • “Where was Hitler’s mother?”

    Ten-year-old watching the History Channel with his parents

  • “No nonsmoking section? I need a minute to meditate.”

    Frantic woman on the patio at an Art LA opening

  • “I’m looking for one that will appeal to a jury.”

    Older man shopping for a tie at Kohl’s

  • “Wait, are we talking about Nietzsche or the Oscars?”

    College students in a late-night discussion at Jerry’s Deli

  • “I have the status symbol of the 21st century—a job.”

    Reply to, “You went from a Beemer to a Saturn?”