February 2009

Overheard­­—February 2009


    edited by Jod Kaftan

  • “I’m so glad he is not dead.”

    Moviegoer walking out of the Landmark after seeing Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler

  • “Wait a minute, the Clippers always lose­­—why do you have to pay to watch them?”

    Kid of about eight to his parents in line at Staples Center

  • “I’m an atheist of the Jewish persuasion.”

    Pedestrian on the Venice Boardwalk to a man handing out free literature

  • “Is there a Facebook app that’ll give a man balls?”

    Woman at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

  • “It’s expensive being a wealthy American.”

    A husband’s response to his wife after receiving the bill at Morels Bistro

  • “I think the stock market is being very unpatriotic.”

    Guy on cell phone at the Water Grill

  • “I had lunch. I didn’t have gay lunch.”

    Man’s answer to, “Did you have that lunch with your gay friend?”

  • “We’d probably know them if they were more famous.”

    Two friends shopping for shoes at Neimans

  • “Feeling inadequate doesn’t have a ZIP code.”

    Comeback to, “You sure do move a lot”

  • “I live on the wrong side of the right hill.”

    Shopper at the Grove, in response to, “How do you like living in Sherman Oaks?”

  • “These days, I’m experimenting with optimism.”

    Policeman having lunch at Pitfire Pizza downtown