October 2008

The Style List—October 2008

edited by Tessa Benson

prada's lace bag at saks fifth avenue Nigel Cox


Prada Bag This fall, your wardrobe’s gotta-have fashion moment is Prada’s lace handbag: one part seduction, one part feminine and all parts cool. Our own Lori Goldstein says, “It’s the perfect bag—a beautiful carryall for day and a gorgeous piece of art at night.” The handmade arm candy comes in black and gold. $1,950. Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills, 9600 Wilshire Blvd., 310-275-4211 —Tessa Benson

Lips blowing smoke, rocky rosen quitting smoking therapy


Rocky Rosen Los Angeles is full of coaches: acting, dialect, life...there even are people to cheer you through cleaning your closet. Enter Rosen, the quit-smoking coach. Once a heavy smoker, he has been “free of nicotine” for 20 years and now uses his expertise to get others to be as well. His technique plays out over four days. You smoke all the way through, and at the end of the fourth day, you take your last puff. It’s part reverse psychology, part common sense—and the results last. Rosen will follow up with you as long as you need him, and his CD sessions are the perfect refresher. Now, that’s one coach to be a cheerleader for. Price available upon request. 818-961-6978. —T.B.

MAC and emanuel ungaro palatte makeup for fall


MAC/Ungaro Palette MAC Cosmetics and fashion house Emanuel Ungaro have come together to launch a limited-edition color line. Following last year’s acclaimed collaboration with Alexander McQueen, MAC and Ungaro’s 24-year-old design wunderkind Esteban Cortazar aim to bring his seductive feminine aesthetic from the runway to real life. “The MAC/Emanuel Ungaro palette isn’t a traditional one for fall, it’s unexpected,” says MAC creative director James Gager. “The collection is a modern, fresh, more feminine take on fall makeup—like spring but not with the bright colors.” With 14 products, including lipsticks, shadows and brow sets, in a sleek black-and-pink casing, the line will brighten any makeup bag and put the pink back in your cheeks for the new season. $14–$22. At MAC stores and at maccosmetics.com. —Sarah Howard

jennifer meyer's black diamond leaf necklace, black diamonds


Black Diamonds If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, does that make black diamonds a frenemy? Over-the-top black jewels are the accessory for fall, as evidenced by some hot local jewelers. Anita Ko is doing a wraparound snake ring ($11,500) seductive enough to charm the most conservative fashionista; Jennifer Meyer has her signature leaf necklace (pictured below left, $2,775); and T.Cyia, by Cyia Batten and Tim McElwee (whose precious baubles can be seen on the new 90210), is coming out with cuff bracelets ($2,200–$4,500). Famed jeweler XIV Karats has devoted an entire section to the stone, and an Itay Malkin strand (stones above, $3,200) can be worn as a chic alternative to pearls. —T.B.

Oliver m. furth designer


Oliver M. Furth He has quite an impressive résumé for a 27-year-old. Furth was still in high school when he entered the professional design world as an intern for architect Marc Appleton. He tackled his next big-league internship, at Christie’s Los Angeles, before he was old enough to vote. “I never wanted to be a fireman or veterinarian,” he recalls. He learned the art and business of design by working with the field’s luminaries, including Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Trip Haenisch, Michael Smith and the late Greg Jordan. Three and a half years ago, he took the perilous leap into self-employment. The lessons of his mentors are evident in the confidence of his work. Furth has no signature style or trademark flourishes, but his innate passion for design and chic, sophisticated sensibility are unmistakable. “My job is to create spaces that express the identity of my clients and nurture their dreams,” he says. “Design isn’t about lifestyle branding. It’s about celebrating life.” 323-654-4290. —M.R.

master hu, shaolin washu center martial arts training


Master Hu You’re a mini Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Warrior is your middle name. You take no prisoners and marvel daily at your celerity and taut arms, legs and abs. Turn yourself into a kung-fu fighter with Jet Li’s doppelgänger, two-time all-around Chinese-martial-arts champion Master Hu. Hu’s red-hot studio, the Shaolin Wushu Center in Santa Monica, offers the best in China’s butt-kicking techniques like kung fu and taiji. The athletic art forms will make you sweat like there’s no tomorrow. Memberships, $150–$250 per month. 2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Ste. 212, 310-664-1688. —Allison Kornberg


Catherine Malandrino Maison Lucky L.A. This first-of-its-kind concept boutique hangs its shingle at the coveted locale at the edge of Melrose Place. The two-level 6,000-square-foot shop boasts a terrace for relaxing, a café for a pick-me-up latte and a library for that Polo Mansion feel. Among the pretty dresses, Maison signature objects like the Summer Rain hand-blown Murano glass chandelier will be available. Opens late October. 651-653 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, 310-358-0895. —T.B.


Rose Tarlow Melrose House One of the most influential designers of our time, Tarlow is still spreading the gospel of exquisite taste. With an infusion of capital from Peter Sallick and Meg Touborg of Design Investors, Rose Tarlow Melrose House is expanding to include product introductions and a new showroom on Melrose Avenue in the landmark building that was once home to the Heritage Book Shop. Architect Marc Appleton is collaborating on the design of the space, slated to open in spring of 2009. 323-651-2202. —Mayer Rus


Supper Club L.A. First rule of Supper Club—there is no Supper Club. Started in London by Br-It girl Tamsin Lonsdale, the posh nocturnal gatherings jumped the pond to New York, and now they’re headed to L.A. Think of a networking club with changing themes (gays, over 40, masked parties). One night it could be at a private mansion, the next at the Chateau Marmont. It’s all very Jane Austen. Bad news is, it’s easier to get your kids into that fancy preschool than to become a member. Still worth a try. —T.B.